Tips for Installation


1.  This product is not required for slab on grade applications.

2.  A slab depression will typically be required to accommodate the Leak Eliminator and floor trough.  Depression depth will vary depending upon depth of floor trough pan.  Bottom of slab depression should be level and smooth.

3.  To determine the minimum depth of the slab depression, add 1 7/16″ (37) to the overall depth of your floor trough pan.  The trough pan can be raised 3/4″ (19) maximum from the fully seated position to accommodate changing finished floor elevations.

4.  A 7 3/4″ (197) round penetration through the building slab will be required to support the flanges of the Leak Eliminator.

5.  Provide a 1″ (25) wide by 1/4″ (6) deep recess around the perimeter of slab penetration so the flanges and membrane material sit flush with the slab depression elevation.  This is required to prevent damming of liquids and promote positive pitch and flow of liquids to weep holes and building drains.

6.  For best results, waterproof membrane material must be sheet or roll type so the material can be clamped water tight to the assembly.  Liquid or troweled on membrane types are not recommended.  Membrane material is not provided by Sani-Floor® and must be specified by others.

7.  Apply waterproof sealant around the floor trough drain bowl prior to setting the trough into the Leak Eliminator.  This is recommended to provide adhesion and prevent the grout material from entering the assembly during installation.


Installation Manual