“In my 22 years of healthcare foodservice, I have rarely come across a product as unique and innovative as Sani-Floor. It has definitely met a need in regards to floor safety and sanitation. In addition, I have saved valuable labor time in not having to mop the production area. Previous to installation, I spent approximately 1.25 hours per day in floor maintenance of this area and now spend approximately 20 minutes per day in general upkeep. I also feel that the production area where Sani-Floor is installed is a safer environment for my production staff.”

     Rich Daehn, Director of Dietary Services
      Mount Carmel Nursing Home
      Greenfield, Wisconsin 


“It (Sani-Floor) has paid for itself by saving us time, labor expense, (eliminating) the use of the usual heavy, slippery rubber mats; at the same time providing a safe, comfortable working environment which our employees love…We recognized immediate improvement in our bottom line and it eliminated hygiene and cleanliness problems at the same time. It’s simple and it works! You can’t afford not to take advantage of this break through in safety and foodservice technology.”

     -Dan Held, Partner
      Beerhunter Sports Bar & Grill
      LaQuinta, California


Wangs in the Desert installed Sani-Floor along the cook line and in the dish room. Alfred says that the system is “great”! It improves the cleanliness on the cook line and eliminates water in the “dish pit”. They have eliminated rubber mats and saved on labor dollars with ease of clean up. His employees “brag about their Sani-Floor Self Washing Floor System”…to their restaurant buddies.” Sani-Floor was the best remodel thing they did in their kitchen.

“If we were to redo our kitchen again…we would definitely install Sani-Floor (Self Washing Floor Systems) all over again!”

     -Alfred Harrison
      Wangs in the Desert
      Palm Springs, California


“Everyone who can, owes it to their staff to install this system. It saves money every single day. We owe it to them to make their jobs easier if we can. They will be more loyal and appreciative. And maybe staff members will think twice before accepting work elsewhere where the “old style” of clean up is still in place.”    
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     -Dave Witker
      Hurricane Grill & Wings
      Naples, Florida


“I’d never do another restaurant without this self-cleaning floor system.  We don’t have to take out mats, which frees up staff.  Also, this keeps our place extremely clean.” 
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     -Alan Rosen
      Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery
      Foxwoods, Connecticut


Boeing installed 50 feet of Sani-Floor in thier central kitchen in Everett, Washington.  Food Service Program Administrator, Carmine Rosenthal feels that the systems work “perfect…I wish I had put more in!”  He has since worked with the Boeing food service engineers and plans to install Sani-Floor when building any new facilities.

     -Carmine Rosenthal
       Everett, Washington