Clog-Free™ Strainer Technology Floor Trough – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the Clog-Free™ Strainer Technology Floor Trough and your standard trough?

A: The Clog-Free™ Strainer Technology Floor Trough has a full-length strainer tray, as opposed to the standard 6″ strainer basket. The full-length tray allows the trough to catch food solids and particulate matter as small as a grain of rice!

Q:  What is the load bearing capacity of the Sani-Floor grates?

A:  The minimum ultimate capacity is approximately 1,425 Lbs/Ft (646 kg / 929 sq cm) per grate.  The ultimate capacity will vary by model based upon the grate width and thickness.  See deflection data under the downloads section of Sani-Floor web site or refer to the specific Sani-Floor model specification sheet.

Q:  Do I still need to use anti-fatigue mats?

A:  No, the fiberglass grates are designed to flex slightly under load, providing a comfortable and safe walking/working surface.

Q:  How will an ammoniated floor cleaner affect the Sani-Floor stainless steel?

A:  Ammoniated cleaning solutions if properly diluted will not negatively affect the stainless steel on your Sani-Floor system.  In fact, this compound was developed to penetrate and dissolve dirt, oil, grease, and grime from many surfaces, including stainless steel, with ease.  See data under the downloads section of Sani-Floor web site.

Q:  Will cleaning the Sani-Floor stainless steel trough with bleach adversely affect the unit?

A:  Yes, even though the trough is made with stainless steel, repeated contact with bleach will strip the coating from the stainless which will lead to rust developing on your unit.