Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why should I install the Instant Safety Floor?

A:  The Instant Safety Flooring System is designed for quick installation and will transform those slippery and unsafe areas of your facility.  The Instant Safety Floor will provide your staff with a safe, comfortable, and easy to clean walking and working surface.  The grates are raised off the floor by 1/4″ and flex under load to provide an anti-fatigue working surface and they will contain any debris that is dropped thus preventing it from migrating throughout your establishment.  The grates are slip resistant and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.  These grates are also designed to run through your dish machine for easy end of the night clean up.

Q:  Do I need to do any floor preparation before I install the Instant Safety Floor?

A:  No you don’t!  The system is designed to sit right on top of your existing floor.  If you desire to mount it to the floor, we provide mounting holes in the thresholds and grate connecting blocks and concrete anchors to mount them to the floor.  However, the grates are always just resting on the connecting blocks for easy removal and cleaning.

Q:  What sizes does the Instant Safety Floor come in?

A:  Tell us what you need!  Identify your problem areas, send us a floor plan or provide us with dimensions and we will be glad to customize a solution for your exact needs.

Q:  Where should I use the Instant Safety Flooring?

A:  You will want to install our Instant Safety Flooring in those areas where your floors are continually messy, slippery, and unsafe.  The Instant Safety Floor will transform this area to a safer, cleaner and easier area to maintain.