Floor Trough – Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What makes the Sani-Floor® Floor Troughs unique?

A:  The Sani-Floor Floor Troughs are uniquely manufactured to allow for complete draining of liquids every time.  They also include our unique grout locking holes around the flange perimeter to ensure a secure locking of the floor grout to the trough pan.  In addition, we use the same superior grating system as in our Clog-Free™ and Self Washing Floor Troughs that provides you with a grate that is non-slip, anti-fatigue, extremely strong, lightweight, and dish machine safe for easy cleanup.

Q:  Do you make shallow troughs for special floor conditions?

A:  Yes!  Our standard floor trough depth is 4″, however we also make a shallow unit that is 2″ in depth.  In addition, if you are looking for a deeper unit we also make a unit that is 6″ deep.

Q:  What options are available with your Floor Troughs?

A:  Standard options would include:  16 gauge stainless steel construction, anti-leak drip skirt, correctional package, the Leak Eliminator, custom Drain Pans, shallow or deep depths, optional fiberglass grate colors, stainless steel grates, and custom sizes or designs upon request.

Q:  Why are the grout locking holes a benefit to me?

A:  The weakest point of any floor trough installation is the grout line where the floor trough flange meets the floor.  This is caused by the constant expanding and contracting of the floor pan due to hot and cold liquids being passed through the trough.  The grout locking holes allow the gout to pass through the down flange and form a “bullet nose” on the backside of the flange thus creating a much stronger bond between the trough and the floor.  If you are installing a floor trough in an above grade installation, we would also strongly recommend that you utilize our Anti-Leak Drip Skirt and/or our Sani-Floor Trough Leak Eliminator.